Travel journaling

Travel journaling

One of the things I love to do is travel. I love the process of planning my next trip and I definitely already have my next destination in mind on the way back from the previous one. Travel is a window to the world for me. A way to create images and memories of a lifetime. It's my oxygen.

Every trip is unique, it has different requirements, however what is common for me is that its organization starts with the purchase of a notebook . There are so many thoughts, wishes and suggestions from fellow travelers that in order to put them in one order I must first record them. The whole process of organizing the trip is something of a methodical standardized process in my mind. I start with scattered notes and then they all turn into a travel ID. It helps me a lot to have the details of my itineraries, accommodation as well as recommendations for food, entertainment and important attractions recorded. Obviously, all this is stored on the mobile as well, but the notebook will never run out of battery! I feel safe having my notebook back up and that's one reason I always take it with me. But he is not the only one.

My travel notebook is one of my favorite souvenirs when I return. I will always find time to note things I liked, things I didn't like, places and corners I would like to see again or that I didn't have time to visit. I bookmark information to share with friends who love traveling like me or who are going to visit the same destination. Many times I attach the tickets from shows, from museums, postcards that I buy, creating a travel journal that I will return to with the first nostalgic thought of the completed trip.

As a stationery addict I will usually buy my next travel notebook before I finish the trip I am on. This is how I combine two of the things I love to do. To travel and choose notebooks. I urge you to try it. Choose the notebook that suits you and dream of your next destination!

Happy notebooking!

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