Terms & Conditions

  1. The Terms of Use (hereinafter the "Terms of Use") apply to the online store www.millimetre.gr (hereinafter the "Electronic Store" or "E-shop"), which is managed and maintained by the Greek sole proprietorship under the name STAMATIA PATOUNA and distinctive title "MILLIMETRE, which is based in Rhodes, on Kennedy Street no. 18, TK 85100, with VAT number 162354216 DOU Rhodes and GEMI number 163270120000 with contact email contact@millimetre.gr (hereinafter the "Company").
  2. In order to purchase products through the Online Store, each customer (hereinafter the "Customer") can register in the Online Store. For registration, a username and/or e-mail address is required, to which a registration confirmation is sent. Upon completion of registration, the Customer can proceed to submit an order.
  3. The orders through the online store constitute the conclusion of a distance sales contract, governed by the legislative framework of Law 2251/1994 (as it applies today) of the amendments referred to in PD 131/2003 (Government Gazette A' 116/16.05.2003 ) and in decision 31619 Official Gazette B' 969/22.3.2017.
  4. The products sold through the Online Store are intended exclusively for purchase by the Customer and not for resale. By purchasing the products from the Online Store, the Customer accepts these Terms of Use, which can be saved and/or printed from the Online Store website. The Company reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use at any time at its option or due to changes in applicable law, and the modified Terms of Use will be posted on the Online Store website within a reasonable period of time. The new Terms of Use will apply from the date of their publication on the official website of the Online Store, but in any case, the terms posted on the date of completion of the order will apply to the Customer.
  5. The Online Store does not offer used or defective products for sale. The products sold by the Online Store are described as detailed and accurate as possible in terms of, but not limited to, color, quality, special features, size, etc., so that it is updated the Customer in a clear and comprehensible manner before the conclusion of the sales contract. The Customer must check every relevant feature, before submitting his order, so as not to have any doubt about the features and properties of the ordered products. The Company has no responsibility in the event that the Customer has failed to be sufficiently informed about the above. The Company reserves the right to discontinue at any time and without notice part or all of the products sold in the Online Store.
  6. The Customer is informed of the total price of the products, including VAT and any other fees and taxes, and the shipping costs for the delivery of the products purchased. The prices of the products, prior to their purchase, may change without prior notification to the Customer. The Customer purchases the products at the price valid at the time of purchase and the prices of the products are quoted in Euros.
  7. The Customer selects the products he wishes to purchase and places them in the "Shopping Cart" by clicking on the "Add to Cart" icon, which is located in the upper right part of the website. The Customer can remove any product by pressing the "X" icon or the bin icon before completing the order. The order is completed as soon as the Customer selects the "Buy" icon.
  8. Before sending the order, the Customer will record his personal information: For a natural person: Name, Surname, telephone number, address (City/town, street and number, postal code) and e-mail address and VAT number, if issued invoice, and For a legal entity: Name, telephone number, address (City/town, street and number, postal code), email address and VAT number). Customer information remains strictly confidential.
  9. The purchase is completed by paying for the products by clicking on the "Pay Now" icon.
  10. After the successful payment of the products, the Customer will receive confirmation of his order by sending an email to the email address he has indicated. The Customer can save and/or print his order by clicking on the "My Orders" icon.
  11. After the completion of the order and in any case before the shipment of the products, the Customer can modify or cancel his order by written communication to the e-mail address contact@millimetre.gr.
  12. Force majeure: The Company is not responsible for the lack or defective fulfillment of its obligations, for any damage caused to the Customer, for delays in the execution of the order (including delivery) due to circumstances that cannot be attributed to the fault of the Company or are due to force majeure and therefore the Company is entitled to an extension of time for execution. Examples may be strikes, acts of terrorism, war, supplier/transportation/production problems, exchange rate fluctuations, government or legislative acts, natural disasters, epidemics, pandemics, etc. If such incidents last more than two (2) months , the contract of sale may be terminated by either party without compensation. Also, the Company is not responsible for the lack or defective fulfillment of its obligations or for any damage to the Customer, if it is the result of a culpable act or omission of the Customer or a third person, which is outside the sphere of influence of the Company.
  13. The Company, at its discretion, reserves the right to reject part of the contract or the entire contract if it contravenes the terms herein. It may terminate this agreement unilaterally and without compensation, in any case where the Customer does not comply with the terms of this agreement.
  14. The Customer is obliged to make good use of the services provided and to comply with the conditions, as stated herein. The Customer bears sole responsibility for the correctness and legality of the information and statements he has submitted to the Company. The Content of the statements and orders should not contradict the laws, the democratic regime of the country and good morals.
  15. The Customer is obliged to restore any positive or collateral damage that the Company may suffer from compensation claims submitted by third parties regarding the Content of the order.
  16. The Customer is responsible for the proper delivery of the Content it wishes to be listed on the Service and for its validity, accuracy and completeness. Said Content shall be submitted by the Customer either electronically from the website or later by shipment. The content that will be provided belongs to him or to third parties from whom he has obtained a relevant license, respects copyright and the Company bears no responsibility for it, given that it cannot carry out any kind of control over it.
  17. If, at any time, it is established or comes to the attention of the Company that the Customer has delivered Content that does not correspond to reality or that the Content is not lawful or contrary to good morals, then the Company may, without bearing any responsibility towards the Customer, : a) withdraw part or all of the Content or stop the consideration of the contract, b) inform the Customer immediately, bringing to his attention the misleading, illegal or contrary to good morals, c) claim from the Customer with any legal means of compensation for any positive and cumulative damage that may be suffered.
  18. The Customer is solely responsible for the correct completion, accuracy and correctness of the information mentioned in the Order and the other documents necessary for the activation.
  19. The Customer is obliged to inform the Company of any change or modification of his details, such as indicatively and not exclusively change of address, registered office, legal representation, invoicing details
  20. Right of withdrawal: The Customer has the right to withdraw from the concluded sales contract without the obligation to state the reason for withdrawal within a period of ten (10) calendar days from the day of receipt of the products. The Customer must return the products exactly in the perfect condition in which they were received. In particular, the returned products must not have been used, be in excellent condition, exactly as before their sale, in their complete original packaging (box, nylon, etc.), which must not have tears or wear/damage. The return of the products is accepted, only if the Customer has previously paid any amount incurred by the Company for sending them to him and the shipping costs for their return. Withdrawal can be done by sending an email to the Company's contact@millimetre.gr email address, clearly stating the Customer's decision to withdraw from the sales contract. As soon as the Company receives the Customer's declaration of Withdrawal as stated above, it will notify him without delay of confirmation of receipt of this withdrawal by sending an e-mail message to the e-mail address stated by the Customer.
  21. In the event that the Customer exercises his right of withdrawal, the Customer must return the products to the Company at his own expense within a period of ten (10) calendar days from the date of receipt of the products. The deadline is met if the Customer sends the products to the Company before the ten (10) calendar day deadline expires.
  22. In the event that the Customer exercises his right of withdrawal, the Company must return to the Customer any payment received from him (except for the shipping costs of the order) without undue delay and in any case no later than fourteen (14) calendar days from the day in which he was informed of the Customer's decision to withdraw from the sales contract. The Company is entitled to withhold the refund until it receives the products returned by the Customer. The Company proceeds with the above refund using the same means of payment as those used by the Customer for the original transaction.
  23. The Company is liable for any real defects or lack of agreed properties of the products in accordance with article 5 of N. 2251/1994 for consumer protection and in accordance with articles 534 et seq. of the Civil Code.
  24. In cases of liability of the Company for a real defect or for a lack of a contracted quality, the Customer is entitled at his option: 1. to demand, without charge, the correction or replacement of the product with another, unless such an action is impossible or requires disproportionate costs, 2. to reduce the price, 3. to withdraw from the contract, unless it is an insignificant actual defect. For a property to be considered contracted, it must be agreed in writing. If a product is declared defective by the Customer, the Company expressly reserves the right to diagnose the product as defective earlier. The Company must carry out the correction or replacement in a reasonable time and without significant inconvenience to the Customer. The Customer's right to exercise his statutory rights in the event of actual defects or lack of agreed quality expires after the expiration of two (2) years from receipt of the products.
  25. Limitation of liability : The Company is exempted from the above obligations if it notified the Customer and thus he was aware of the lack or defect in the product. In addition, the Company does not warrant or guarantee the fitness of any product sold for any particular purpose. The Company bears no responsibility for any damage caused to the Customer from the access and use of the content and the information and services offered by the Online Store. The Company takes the necessary protection measures for the efficient operation of the Online Store, but in no case does it guarantee that the contents, the websites and the technical facilities and capabilities of the Online Store will be provided continuously and without problems, nor that the Online Store and/or and the servers ("servers") through which it is connected, with the Customers' computer, will be provided without harmful applications that were installed without their knowledge.
  26. Minors . The use of the pages and services of this Online Store by a Customer who is a minor is only possible with the consent of his parents or guardians. In the event of an order from a legally incompetent person, the Company reserves the right to have it executed by the person exercising guardianship or supervision.
  27. Copyright. The content and information provided by the Online Store, including but not limited to the design, distinctive features, logos, graphics, texts, documents, photographs, databases and in general any distinguishing mark and intellectual work of the Online Store, are the intellectual property of of the Company and is protected by the relevant provisions of Greek and Community legislation as well as international conventions or constitutes intellectual property of third parties for which the Company has obtained a license to use for its own exclusive needs and for the operation of the Online Store. Any copying, transfer or creation of a derivative work based on this content or misleading the public about the actual provider of the Online Store is prohibited. Reproduction, dissemination, transmission, retransmission of the material, or any other use of the content in any manner or medium for commercial or other purposes is permitted only with the prior written consent of the Company or any other copyright holder.
  28. For his service after the completion of the sale and the delivery of the products, the Customer can contact the Company via electronic mail (email): contact@millimetre.gr
  29. Our company policy for the protection of personal data has been posted on our website www.millimetre.gr.
  30. Any dispute between the Company and the Customer may be resolved by out-of-court settlement through the European Alternative Dispute Resolution Body available at http://ec.europa.eu/odr . Competent courts for the resolution of disputes arising from the sales contract or the Terms of Use are the courts of Rhodes and the applicable law is Greek law.
  31. If any part of the contract of sale under these Terms of Use is found to be invalid or unenforceable by court order, the remainder of the contract will continue in effect. The Company is entitled to assign its rights and claims arising from the sales contract, transfer its obligations and subcontract their execution, whenever it deems necessary and without obtaining the written consent of the Customer. The Customer is not entitled to assign or transfer its rights or obligations arising from the sales contract, in whole or in part, without obtaining the written consent of the Company.