Start small and grow

Small changes at Millimetre help us fulfill our commitment to sustainable choices with the prospect of becoming 100% sustainable in the future. For example, we prefer to choose suppliers who, for every order we place with them, commit to plant a tree in return. We have selected products that arrive to us without plastic packaging and we encourage the purchase of refills for products you have already purchased that can be refilled.

Our packaging

Our commitment to sustainable choices isn't just limited to the products on our shelves. From the products we choose for you to the way we package them we strive to improve the way we operate our small business in a way that minimizes our impact on the environment without compromising on the quality of our products.


The millions of packages that move around the world every day are a huge source of waste with the majority of it ending up in landfills or our seas. For this reason we have chosen recyclable packaging materials for shipping our products. Our kraft boxes help reduce water and energy consumption that would be required if they were printed with color.


Millimetre reuses the largest possible volume of materials every day in order to make the best use of the resources we already have at our disposal. A simple way to contribute to our effort is to reuse the packaging materials of our products. You can use our boxes to store items and our thank you card as a bookmark.


Recycle the packaging materials with which you receive your favorite products as well as the products you no longer need.