New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions

It is this time of year when we all, or almost all, feel the need or the "obligation" for new beginnings, for renewal, for new goals. Making the decision to change things in your life is for most a difficult process. We tend to postpone this decision until the beginning of the next week, the beginning of the next month, year or our next birthday, believing that a certain time milestone contributes to the achievement of our goal. It is a fact that the choice of a future starting point in time is connected in our minds with the need to turn the page in our life. But how many of the goals we set end up being realized?

Usually by the first quarter of the year we tend to abandon more than half of the goals we have set mainly because they are too vague, we do not set a realistic plan for achieving them or we choose goals that are essentially "imposed" on us by someone else or the environment in which we live.

In order to set goals that we can achieve, they should have the following characteristics:

  • Be specific
  • Be measurable
  • Be realistic
  • Be time-bound
  • That they are really important to us
  • To have chosen them for the right reasons

Saying goodbye to the year gone by, it would be good to reflect on what we achieved, what we regretted, what we wanted and what we didn't dare in this year. With the change of the year we can start to change what does not make us better people and to evolve. It is important to recognize our mistakes, ask for forgiveness, be grateful and reward ourselves.

Start organizing the coming year with a planner or a calendar !

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